iRoutier 24-7

iRoutier 24-7 - Why?


The Road, a passion

As an artist I operated my own graphic design enterprise, from 1993 to 2005. At fifthy, I decided to jump to another passion - The Road - and took a heavy weight driver's training.

While spending more than 10 years on the road, I had this idea to setup this project that was pretty much always on my mind, iRoutier 24-7. Having experienced many brakedowns and waited endless hours on the side of the road, I started creating a trucker's friendly tool. It would use proximity search to find the closest Road Services.

  • Where can I get this small piece of pipe?
  • Where can I find this special key?
  • I need to get back on the road!

iRoutier 24-7

Your most helpful companion on the Road!

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